Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The track “Entertainment Interfaces” offers researchers, developers and designers a platform to present innovative ideas in the area of interactive entertainment with a focus on interaction in games and other entertainment products and to discuss design challenges and the evaluation of entertainment interfaces. The aims of the track are to strengthen the awareness of the relevance of user-friendly and innovative interfaces for entertainment applications in the research community and in the public, to encourage the research activities and the education in this field, and to foster the knowledge transfer between researchers and developers. We like to emphasize the interdisciplinary background of the “Entertainment Interfaces” track and welcome contributions from the areas of computer science, psychology, design and engineering sciences as well as contributions from developers and designers working in the field of interactive entertainment.

The topics include but are not limited to:

Entertainment Interface Design

  • Game Interface Design
  • Tangible and Gesture-Based Interfaces
  • Auditive Interfaces
  • User Interfaces for Serious Games

Entertainment Interface Diversification

  • Emotional and Physiological Entertainment
  • Interfaces for Social Games and Entertainment
  • Interfaces for Health Games
  • Entertainment Interfaces for Convergent Media Products

Entertainment Technology

  • Game Environments
  • Pervasive and Ubiquitious Game Technology
  • VR Entertainment Technology
  • Game Editing and Prototyping Tools
  • Interactive Storytelling

Entertainment Interface Evaluation

  • Game Usability & Playability
  • Interface Evaluation Methods
  • Eyetracking and Physiological Measurement Methods
  • Measurement of Fun in Games

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